Every project no matter the industry has roles, responsibilities and often multiple companies involved. ProjectDo is not only set-up to help coordinate this trend, but encourages it. Effective collaboration requires managing the project in an organized fashion. Teamwork is one of the pillars of what makes ProjectDo the best way to manage your projects. All members, or "associates" are given an account within ProjectDo and their responsibilities and roles in the project can be clear and organized. As the ProjectDo Administrator, you can assign permissions, limitations, and roles to each user so the project is never out of your control. And by grouping your associates by companies, organization has never been easier.

... every time a change is made to the project (new task created, file uploaded, milestone set, etc) any to all associates can be notified by automated email.

... every account in ProjectDo can manage multiple projects at the same time.

Below is a list of features included within ProjectDo to help you manage and be organized for your projects.

Executive Summary

The 'Executive Summary' is a high level view of the entire project. Every project within ProjectDo will have an Executive Summary which has graphs, New Tasks/Milestones, any late Tasks/Milestones.


How can a project run without identifying dates and schedules? ProjectDo's Milestones feature allows you to insert/update the project schedule and specific dates including percentage of completion of a Milestone. With automated reminder emails, easy to use calendar, and the ability to assign tasks and associates to Milestones, this feature will help keep your project efficient, and timely. Like tasks, milestones can be assigned predecessors so that the project can be managed with associates knowing what milestone needs to be completed, before others can begin. This system brings Project Collaboration to a whole different level!


From the A to Z of every project, who can keep track of all the tasks that are required for successful project completion? With ProjectDo all tasks are tracked, assigned, and coordinated so there is not a step missed. Each task can be assigned dependencies, allowing the project manager to introduce a sequence to which the project tasks can be done. Additionally, the project team will know which tasks need to be completed, before others can be started.


Throughout the duration of any project, every project associate has specific items that need to be covered. From an aspect of a task, to simply posting an update to fellow associates, all To-Do's should be listed, and accounted for. With ProjectDo, coordinating To-Do's has never been easier. And with the ability to assign multiple To-Do's to a task, tasks can be completed with no aspect missed including automated e-mails sent to the assigned associate!


Writeboards is a great place to exchange thought's, ideas and discussion points at the same time keeping a conversation moving forward. The Writeboard feature allows ProjectDo associates to do just that. Using the ProjectDo HTML content editor, no idea has to be missed and all can be shared!


Using ProjectDo to manage your projects, all project associates will know where to find all important project information. Any associate involved in the project can assign messages to any other associate through ProjectDo so nothing is missed. With an easy to use content editor which gives the ability to upload images, write and format text the same way a word application does. Included are automated email confirmations of messages being sent this feature will allow all associates to coordinate all necessary messages for project success.


In every project, there are documents that need to be kept record of and shared among the team including customers. There are specifications, designs, details, plans, and many more. But how can you keep them all organized in a way where every associate of your project can get access to the ones they need? ProjectDo is your answer. All files that are uploaded to your project are categorized, and can be assigned to one or many associates. When there are newer versions, no need to delete, upload brand new files, simply use the ProjectDo version control so all changes can be tracked, and kept.

Action/Issue List

During a project there will be a possibility of issues arising and/or follow-ups. ProjectDo has an Issue List as part of the system where issues can be assigned to an associate which includes a customer, prioritize an issue, various status suchas 'Open', 'Closed', 'ReOpened', and much more. Automated e-mails are integrated as part of the Issue List.

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