About Us

ProjectDo is an idea conceived by members of a project team who felt there was a better and simpler way to manage projects. At the same time the team had to figure in this Global economic world how to collaborate with each other seamlessly.

global collaboration

With backgrounds in IT, project management, software integration, and user interface, they set out to create the ideal solution to every company's organizational problems.

This simple and robust online application came to life named ProjectDo.

ProjectDo is an online project management and collaborative portal. This online portal has a range of online tools which simplify the day to day management of a project and communication.

ProjectDo is a true online Global Communication tool.

Simple, easy to use online project management solutions allow you to manage time, risk, budgets, teams and people. The online collaborative portal facilitates communication between project team members. The tools have been built to help professionals manage their projects and at the same time they facilitate collaboration between students from high school all the way to University students. Your project and all information including documents can be accessed anywhere in the world, a true global collaboration portal.

ProjectDo is a great tool to simplify your communication and centralize all your activities for simple to complex projects. ProjectDo is a multilingual platform which is available in English, French and Spanish.

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